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Check out the new official Solunar Records Playlist on Youtube, and be sure and like and subscribe! Click the image for the link!!

BLOOD OF THE BELOVED has dropped their new EP with Solunar Records!!  Click the link to the left to listen to "Dystopia: Orphaned World" NOW!!! 


Hear the song everywhere on December 16th, only on Solunar Records!

Welcome BLOOD OF THE BELOVED to the Solunar Family!  We are more than honored to be partnering with two of the sickest composers/singers/rappers/screamers/multi-instrumentalists in the game, and will be working with them to put out an industrial-influenced EP with a worthy social cause!  Stay tuned and check out "Unforgiven" from their debut album.

AS I SPEAK, AKA Zach Cunningham is the first arist to join the Solunar Roster after our own The Death of Zenith!  His powerful, melodic hard-rock can be heard in "Still Breathing".  He and producer Benjamin Hull are in the studio now crafting an EP to be released on Solunar Records in 2023! Stay tuned.  This guy's tune absolutely soar to the stratosphere. 

Overnight Soundtrack Teaser

Overnight Soundtrack Teaser

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The Official Teaser Video for the Official Soundtrack to Overnight, on Solunar Records, featuring The Death of Zenith, Sam Astaroth, Blood of the Beloved, EMZY ENZY, The Antihero, Feast on the Fallen, Ritual of Ether, Seethe, 9 Stitch Method, MadClock, Silhouette Death,  REVillusion, Caleb Straus, Allen F. Turner, and Felicia Patterson will be released exclusively on Solunar Records. Film written and directed by Caleb Straus, and produced by Jeremy Wood of Graywood Productions. 

Now Accepting Submissions! At Solunar Records, the artist in charge of their journey.  We help you reach YOUR vision. We are the official current home of As I Speak, Blood of the Beloved, The Antihero, The Death of Zenith and EMZY ENZY!  Click the video to the right to find out how we can help you get where you want to go!