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Solunar Records is an independent, artist-friendly heavy metal-based record label, working to bring forth new, innovative bands. Our goal is to work with bands who desire artist and brand development, PR and AR work, live event coordination, and collaborative planning. At Solunar Records, we put the artist in charge of their journey!


Offering standard record contracts, we also offer various flips on the old model! In addition, we look to educate artists on how to best promote their work and working with other professional entities to do so. 


Curious about specifics, and what we can do for you and your band?  LET’S TALK! Email! The suits will hate us, but you won’t! 

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Daiza Gonzales - CEO, Co-Founder, Co-Managing Director

DeadDreamz - Live Promotions and Even Coordinator

Caleb Straus - Co-Founder, Co-Manager, Promotions

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