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Overnight is an upcoming psychological thriller written and directed by Solunar co-founder Caleb Straus.  It tells the story of Craven Paulson and Darcy Sky, two lovers who veer in and out of one another's lives over a period of twenty years and are periodically haunted by visions of each other as corpses when separated.  Years after his Mafia ties finally tear him away from Darcy seemingly for good, Craven and Darcy find themselves on the run from would-be assassins and hiding out in the mysterious Overnight Hotel, which may be a gateway to another world.  Inside, they evade not only the mob, but a world of malevolent psychic and spiritual energy.

The film and soundtrack are being produced and released through Solunar Records with production assistance from Allen F. Turner, who also plays the role of Duffy in the film and is co-composer on the Soundtrack. 

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Next, Straus unveiled his new secret project The Death of Zenith, in which he combined his propensity for scathing industrial metal with the vocals of former Astaroth Incarnate vocalist Sam Astaroth.  The music video, which is essentially an expanded version of the film's prologue, details the fate of Duffy, one of the film's key characters. See below.  His next release under the moniker would be a raging cover of Above & Beyond's "Sun & Moon".

Straus refers to the tale as "abstract" and "metaphorically autobiographical", as the relationship between Craven and Darcy is directly based on the one between Solunar co-founders, Straus himself, and CEO Daiza Gonzales. He also refers to it as a "gothic love story", and along with it's soundtrack is influenced by staple film/soundtrack combos from the 90's like The Crow and Lost Highway.  Much of the story has been fictionalized, but much of it is based, though often loosely, on true events. 

On December 1st of 2021, proceedings kicked into gear properly with the official release of "Eclipse".  The debut Soundtrack single by Straus along with songwriter Felicia Patterson is a bouncy and triumphant yet aggressive track in the vein of early NIN or KMFDM.  Next to come would be Silhouette Death's "Those Eyes", released independently of Solunar, but created for the film.  View the music video below. 

The soundtrack to Overnight is intended to define what the musical culture of Solunar Records should be.  The aim of the film is to challenge the modern love narrative by suggesting (albeit through a lot of scary things) that love and attachment are opposites.  It borrows heavily from the myth of Twin Flames as well as Plato's Symposium.  The film is currently being shot with a local cast, on location, in the director's hometown of Abilene, Texas, and is looking at a 2023 release.  The Soundtrack, broken into two separate releases, will be released on December 1st (Part One) and in July of 2023 (Part Two).  In addition to the above mentioned singles, the soundtrack features new and existing work from 9 Stitch Method, Seethe, Ritual of Ether, MadClock, REVillusion, The Antihero, EMZY ENZY, Blood of the Beloved,  and Feast on the Fallen. Check out some production shots from the film below. 

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